Outdoor Facility Feature: Banks County High School, Georgia

When Banks County High School wanted to upgrade their baseball field, Head Baseball Coach, Peyton Hart, suggested a Homplate Halo because it would enhance the look of their field while preventing wear and tear on the high-traffic area around home plate.

Hart researched and received several quotes from companies before choosing to utilize On Deck Sports. “The On Deck Sports name is always attached to professional-grade products and they’re really good at getting their name out there so I was confident I’d be working with people who know what they’re doing,” says Hart.

Banks County HS Final Halo Mock-Up

Hart notes the installation process was made easy by On Deck Sports, stating, “We went right along with the instructions ODS gave us and it was super easy. There were 3-4 people working on it and it only took 3-4 hours for the field to look completely different.”

As the only team in their league with a Homeplate halo, Hart says he and his team take great pride in the addition and the feedback from player parents has been outstanding.

Since 2001, On Deck Sports is proud to help teams and organizations all across the country get the equipment and training aids they need to be successful on game day.

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