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55′ Long ProMounds Batting Cage Kit Installation Instructions

ProMounds Batting Cage
Installation Instructions
12’ Tall x 14’ Wide x 55′ Long

Batting cage frame kit includes the following parts:
(8) Corner Fittings
(28) 5/16′ x 1/2 Hex bolts (setscrews)
(50) Carabiner clips
(50) Rope (for Hangers)
Optional parts:
(8) Ground Sleeves

You will need to provide the following tubes:
1-5/8″ Galvanized Steel Round Tubing, 16 gauge (.065″)
(8) pieces @ 12’6″  long each (Vertical Poles)
(4) pieces @ 15′ 8″ long each (Cross Poles)
(6) pieces @ 19′ long each (Longitudinal Poles – available at any fence supply company)

  1. Lay out the following pattern on the ground where the vertical poles will be placed. The frame is designed to be 57′ long by 16′ wide. If you have extra room, consider making the frame slighter larger. This allows the net to slow a ball more before it hits the frame, reducing ricochet speed.
  2. Dig or burrow each hole as laid out in step #1. Each hole should be 6-12” deep. Your vertical poles will sit in the holes. By placing the vertical poles 6” to 12” into the ground, the legs will be kept from moving around as players or balls hit the posts.Optional Ground Sleeve instructions: Set ground sleeves in cement, leaving above ground approximately 1” below the bolt hole. This allows poles to be tightened/loosened after the sleeves are secure.
  3. Thread each of the 5/16″ x 1/2″ setscrews into the fittings.
  4. With poles lying on the ground, connect two vertical poles to one cross pole with two corner fittings. Lock the tubes into the fittings by tightening the set screws.
  5. Stand two of these assembled sections up, place them in the holes, and connect them with the longitudinal poles. Each pole should go half way into each fitting.
  6. Repeat step #5 until all poles are assembled.
  7. (Ignore Step 7 if ground sleeves are secured in cement.) Compact the dirt around the ground sleeves.
  8. Stretch the net out on the ground and loosely tie off each corner to the vertical poles and raise the net up as high as you can. You will probably get it about 6′ high.
  9. After each clip is attached, make sure to push net and hanger as far toward other end of frame that hasn’t been clipped.HOW TO MAKE HANGERS
  10. Raise the corners up more, and keep adding Hangers going toward the ends of the frame.
  11. Once all of the Hangers are in place, tie the corner ropes of the net firmly to the corner vertical poles at the desired height.

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