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DIY Basement Batting Cage

The baseball community is facing difficult times. Players and coaches are not able to meet, practice, or even be on their fields together. As athletes, we need to pick our heads up, keep fighting, and control what we can. So, it only makes sense that players and coaches are finding ways to continue to train and persevere during these trying times. With the help of On Deck Sports, residential customers Roger and Stacy Dunlap did just that.

The Dunlaps wanted to have a training space in the comfort of their own home. This would allow their kids to practice in the winter and reduce any future costs of renting cage space at a facility. Through their research to find the right company for the project, the Dunlaps noticed one that stood out as the most knowledgeable in the indoor sports facility industry, with Roger stating, “Hands down, On Deck Sports has the best online presence and displays their expertise better than any other company in the field, so we knew we could trust them with our project.”

The Dunlaps connected with Residential Sports expert, Nicky Ouellette, who made sure they had every piece of equipment they would need to install the batting cage in their basement. “The equipment came in like clockwork,” Roger says of the timing.

The Dunlaps installed the project themselves, with the assistance of Ouellette and the detailed diagrams and instructions provided by On Deck Sports. From beginning to end, they maintained a constant flow of communication, including the Dunlaps double and triple checking their anchor points with Ouellette before hanging the netting.

In the end, the Dunlaps successfully installed a walk-draw retractable netting system, which they are thoroughly impressed with. “We love that the netting is not too bulky when it’s retracted, and our kids can easily pull it out themselves.”

Batting Cage ready for use
Batting Cage retracted

With concrete floors in their basement, the Dunlaps also needed batting cage turf to add a layer of protection and give the space an authentic feel. Knowing the space would also be utilized for activities including indoor lawn games and sled pulls, the Dunlaps wanted a durable but soft turf product, which pointed them to GT48 padded.

To complete their basement batting cage, the Dunlaps added several accessories including a Junior Bullet Screen, and a Batting Mat Pro, which Roger says holds very well to the turf without sliding.

Batting Cage equipment
Full setup ready for use

The Dunlaps also look forward to using On Deck Sports in the future for all their baseball needs.

On Deck Sports is proud to have helped more than 1,500 customers get their indoor facilities up and running since 2001. Thinking about building your own? Check out our most frequently asked questions to help get you started.

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