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Facility Feature: Haralson County School District, Georgia

The Haralson County School District in Georgia wanted to invest in on-campus facilities that would make attending practice more convenient for their student-athletes.

Haralson County decided to build two indoor sports facilities- one 7,200 sq. ft facility located at the Middle School, and one 2,000 sq. facility located at the High School.

Middle School Athletic Director, Brian Warren, was responsible for finding the right vendor to outfit the two facilities. He explains his decision, “I chose On Deck Sports because they were the only company that could put the turf, netting, and rubber flooring in one quote. It’s an easy decision when you can use one vendor to take care of all the products. They’re estimate was also less expensive than anyone else because they’re a one-stop shop.”

The Middle School building is a multi-purpose turf, rubber flooring, and netting space accommodating all athletics while the High School building is a baseball/softball-specific batting cage facility. Both facilities have 2 walk-draw retractable batting cages, which allows an easy transition from hitting to fielding practice.

Haralson County Middle School facility

The Middle School batting cages consist of #36-gauge netting while the High School batting cages are #42-gauge. “I think 36-gauge would’ve been perfectly fine at the High School as well, but those players are bigger and stronger and we want it to last for as many years as possible,” explains Warren.

Both facilities are outfitted with GT34 padded turf. Warren states price and quality were the ultimate decision-makers. “We didn’t need anything too fancy and expensive; we just need it to last because it will be used by many. GT34 is a very durable, comfortable turf product.”

Although baseball/softball athletes have not had a chance to utilize the new facilities due to timing and other outside factors, Warren can’t wait to see his student athletes train in a safe and convenient space.

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