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Facility Feature: Pinkman Academy, Virginia

After moving into an existing sports facility, Jeff Pinkman and his team found the batting cages in the space did not meet their needs, so they decided to renovate. As a long-time customer buying equipment and training aids, Pinkman knew he could depend on On Deck Sports for a smooth upgrade.

The Upgrade

Pinkman chose our walk-draw retractable batting cages for his 5,000 square foot facility because of their flexibility, and to maximize the space by opening his facility for pitching and long toss practice. With the new batting cages, Pinkman has the convenience of 4 individual batting tunnels standing at 45 feet in length, or an open fielding area. Even better, this conversion takes them less than five minutes, which allows for quick transitions from one drill to another.

Upgrade: Retracted

Veering away from the common baseball/softball 36-gauge, Pinkman chose 60-gauge netting for extra safety, stating, “we have players hitting in multiple directions in these cages, and the 60-gauge netting barely comes out when the ball hits it.” 

Upgrade: 4 Batting Tunnels

The Results

With our walk-draw retractable batting cage system, it is easy for Pinkman and his team to switch quickly from batting to fielding practice. “The system is exactly what I was hoping for, and the instructors are very thankful for how much easier it is to move the cages back and forth.”

Pinkman reports his customers love how the renovation looks. “The feedback has been great, our customers feel like they are training in a professional facility.”

Next on Pinkman’s to-do list is the replacement of the facility’s turf, and he is excited to tap into On Deck Sports to complete that project.

Upgrade: Topview

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