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Fitness Facility Feature: Ethos Fitness & Performance, Boston

Fitness Necessities

Located in the city of Boston, Ethos Fitness & Performance (EFP) is changing the game through personalized and small group training catered specifically to each clients’ physical abilities, and now they have the right space and flooring to continue their success.

Ethos Fitness & Performance – Boston, MA

Everyone has a different definition of what ‘fitness’ is, but there is no doubt that it has evolved from just weightlifting. With sled pushes and pulls, HIIT workouts, yoga, and more, gyms need to have the right flooring surface to perform functional fitness activities and stand out from the competition. Through our Strength and Conditioning segment, On Deck Sports (ODS) offers a complete line of flooring options for gyms to choose from. For example, our GT34, GT48, Stadium, Elite, and Arena turf products are perfect for fitness facilities because of their durability, versatility, and comfort. All these products are easy to maintain and come with 5mm padding for impact shock absorption.

Black Gym Turf

EFP owner, Jay Weedall, chose Arena padded turf for sled work, sprints, stretches, and more. This turf is strong enough to withstand heavy sled pushing or pulling, but soft enough to do yoga and stretching. Arena comes in a variety of colors, but Weedall chose black turf, emphasizing its ability to resist indent marks and compliment the overall appearance of the facility.

Black Arena Padded Gym Turf

Black and Grey Rubber Flooring

For the weight training and machines area, Weedall needed durable rubber flooring that could withstand the constant abuse of dropping weights. In evaluating his options, Weedall considered ODS’s standard offer of 6mm or 8mm rubber flooring, but ultimately went with a higher quality 14.5mm black with grey fleck rubber for his new facility. “We are in the city, so we have close neighbors, and even residents living above the facility. We needed a thicker rubber flooring purely for soundproofing affects, which helps us leave a good impression on the community.”

Black and Grey Gym Rubber Flooring

Above & Beyond Customer Service

Regarding the sales process, Weedall is appreciative of the knowledge and effort put forth by the ODS Strength and Conditioning team. “I was looking for both a building and a product provider, and when one building fell through, every other flooring company I was speaking to just abandoned me, but not On Deck Sports. The team checked in with me monthly to see how the search was going. That, along with their extensive knowledge, made it easy and comfortable for me to choose them when I finally did find a space.”

Weedall is ecstatic at how well the facility came together and is excited to help his clients exceed their fitness goals.

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