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Ceiling Clearance Key For Batting Cages In Facilities

What to Consider When Building Batting Cages for your Indoor Sports Facility

Opening an indoor sports facility is not an easy task. The planning process, installation and opening can all be stressful. At On Deck Sports, we have helped thousands of facilities design their new building, giving us the experience needed to help catch the often overlooked details. Our team of experienced facility experts consisting of are the best in the business and will ensure you have a great experience and a facility optimized for you and your athletes.

One of these overlooked details is a facility not having enough clear height to install batting cages. For safety purposes, On Deck Sports recommends having at least 12 feet of clearance in order to safely install our shell batting cage system. This allows for 10 feet of height in the finished cage, giving you the clearance to safely practice with your athletes.

The clearance must be at least 12 feet throughout the entire area the cage will be in. This includes any duct work, lights, sprinklers or any other apparatuses in your ceiling. It also includes facilities that have pitched ceilings. If the lowest point of the ceiling is below the 12 feet of clearance, there might be a problem with the installation of your cage.

If your facility has a clearance issue, there are options that On Deck Sports can help with. Our project management staff has the expertise to help envision the process and get it completed safely and efficiently.

“There are many options available to circumvent obstacles in a facility,” On Deck Sports’ Facility Project Manager Joe McDonough said when asked about clearance issues. “Sometimes the obstacle can be moved or removed as in the case of heaters or encased in a chain link enclosure. We have a wide selection of options using padding and netting to make that area safe and productive.”

Custom Batting Cages for the Northern Valley Sports Academy

One Example of this recently happened at Northern Valley Sports Academy in Closeter, NJ. This building was in search of netting and batting cages for their multi-sport facility. “They had an unusual truss system in this building,” On Deck Sports Facility Sales Representative Keith Burke said when asked about any pain points in the facility design.  “The building went up about 20 feet, but we had to keep their nets well below 15 feet. That was their biggest struggle because they wanted to be able to take advantage of the height. They were unable to do that because of that truss system.”

Northern Valley Sports Academy

This building still had the available height to get a shell batting cage in, but the height was limited due to the ceilings. This has happened in other facilities, so we know how to handle the problem. We have seen facilities in every shape and size, so we have the knowledge to make sure you avoid this height mistake.

McDonough and the installation teams from On Deck Sports can work on custom solutions if a facility cannot get the 12 feet of clearance. From short buildings to areas under mezzanines or pitched ceilings – our team can get you set up for success.  According to McDonough, “If you utilize this space properly it can be very productive and lucrative space.”

If you are looking to build batting cages in your indoor sports facility, or have any questions for our facility experts, contact us today or call 800-365-6171.

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