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Facility Feature: South Windsor Soccer Club, Connecticut

The South Windsor Soccer Club (SWSC) committee wanted to build a different kind of soccer facility for the South Windsor, CT community. They wanted to create a space that was inclusive to all athletes regardless of skill set or age.

After shopping around looking at several vendors, SWSC committee decided On Deck Sports carried the right product at the right price.

SWSC is now a 3,600 sq.ft. facility outfitted with Elite padded turf. Elite turf is one of our highly recommended products for soccer because of its resemblance to a true grass playing surface, without the maintenance of rubber infill. In addition, the product’s nylon material provides extra durability while the polypropylene material gives it a soft, plush feel.

Elite Padded Turf

SWSC turf field is surrounded by #30-gauge soccer netting, which protects spectators by keeping the balls inside the field area.

#30-gauge soccer netting

For convenience, SWSC decided to use a local contractor for installation. Unfortunately, the local contractor fell short of expectations, and the committee needed to find an alternate option. With their completion deadline quickly approaching, ODS provided a quick install and SWSC opened on time.

Vice President, Mike Moriarty, comments on the install process, “The On Deck Sports install team was incredible from start to finish. They accepted several questions from us and changed the configuration for the better with our approval on the fly. We couldn’t be happier with the manual work on site.”

Moriarty and SWSC are thrilled to be able to give the athletes of all ages and skill sets in South Windsor, CT the opportunity to train, have fun, and stay safe.

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