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How To Clean Artificial Turf In Indoor Facilities

Turf Maintenance: How to Clean and Care for Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has become a must-have item for the elite gyms and indoor facilities. The problem many of these facilities face is cleaning the turf to ensure the health and safety of the athletes that are using it. Not many people know the right way to clean indoor turf, especially if they are new facility owners.

On Deck Sports’ facility experts have year of experience working with the turf and on the turf – giving them the knowledge on how to clean the turf for surface soil, spills or bigger issues.

Cleaning your turf is actually quite easy. If there is surface soil, simply vacuum the turf like you would any carpet. This will lift away the soil and will not harm the fibers of the turf.

Remove Stains From Your Artificial Turf

There can also be minor spills that can occur on the turf. Our turf resists staining, but any spills should be cleaned properly. These minor stains generally come from “waterborne”  products which could include: Acid, Alcohol, Animal Urine, Alkali, Blood, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Dye, Fruit Juice, Glue, Ice Cream, Latex Paint, Milk, Mustard, Rust, Soot, Water Colors and more.

We suggest using a sponge with detergent suds and cold water within 24 hours of the spill. It can still be effective after 24 hours, but it is best to take care of the spill in a timely manner. Make sure not to use too much detergent when cleaning – use just enough to irrigate the solids out of the turf fibers. Too much can lead to a “ring” in your turf. To reduce the chance of a ring, limit detergent use and clean from the outside of the stain towards the center.

There are also more persistent stains and other problems that can affect your turf. if a more persistent stain such as crayon, lipstick, metal polish or furniture stain gets on your turf, sponge clean the area with a dry cleaning solvent. Make sure to follow the same process as detergent cleaning – making sure not to use too much and clean from the outside in. For nail polish, sponge with acetone.

A more persistent stain such as oil paint requires a little more work to clean out of your turf. immediately blot the paint to remove as much as possible, then sponge the area with turpentine or paint remover. After using the paint remover, blot with detergent and cold water. Finally, re-sponge the area with cold water to ensure all the detergent and remover is out of the area.

For an emulsified stain such as cosmetics, ink or show polish you start by sponging the area with detergent and cold water. Then apply a solvent to break up the stain before cleaning with soap and cold water, Finally, re-sponge the area with cold water to ensure all solvent and detergent have been cleared from the area.

Removing Foreign Substances From Your Artificial Turf

For foreign substances – such as chewing gum or tar – you will need to scrape the area to remove the gum or tar from the turf fibers. For chewing gum, first spray with Freon aerosol spray then scrape the gum free from the fibers. For tar removal, scrape the tar from the fibers first, then sponge with a dry cleaning solvent.

Taking these steps when cleaning your turf will ensure the best results. It cannot be guaranteed that stains will not happen after spills, but these cleaning instructions will help prevent them. We suggest cleaning all stains within 24 hours in order to get the best results.

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    • OnDeck_Sports

      You can really use any heavy-duty vacuum like a shop-vac or anything similar. All depends on the level of dirt. We have seen facilities use a standard vaccum to clean up at the end of the day.

  • Mark Daly

    I work for a cleaning company that uses a machine for carpet extractions.

    Can this machine be used on a inside turf field??

    THANK YOU for your help.

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Mark,
      Spoke with one of our experts and she let me know that it would depend on the type of turf. Typically if the turf is a shorter option this will not be an issue. If its a longer turf blade, be mindful of the blades getting caught in the brush on a cleaner or the infill in a product clogging your machine. Call us (800-365-6171) or email ( if you have more questions!

  • Dani

    We workout on our and it just basically gets a ton a sweet dripped on it. How do I clean so there isn’t a ton of bacteria. Definitely don’t want people getting sick!!!

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Dani,
      Speaking with our gym turf expert, he suggested that anything with a low PH level should do the trick when sanitizing. Something such as Simple Green or Lysol is what he generally suggests. Hope this helps! Let us know if you ever need any other assistance.

  • Ed Samson

    I don’t see it a problem with turf blades getting caught in a carpet steam extraction machine but I would think the rubber infill would get sucked up. Is this not an issue? If it is an issue, how else can indoor turf be cleaned?

    Also, over the years, the infill will get soiled with drink spills, sweat, and all kinds of small debris. Is that when it is time to recycle the whole thing and start over? Or is there a way to clean the infill?


    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Erica,
      It would depend on the turf that you have installed. If you are looking to remove stains, please read above. If you are looking to just clean your turf in general from surface soil, simply vacuum the turf like you would any carpet. Call us (800-365-6171) or email ( if you have more questions!

  • Jeremy eden

    Hey i have purchased a gym with short hair turf and a rubber padding beneath. Id like to have my freind who owns a steam clean company and i want to use him will steam harm the turf?

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Jeremy,
      It depends on the type of material the turf is made with. Different fiber types have different melting points. Nylon fiber has a higher melting point, above 212 degrees (steam) but polypropylene and polyethylene has a much lower melting point and can be damaged using steam so caution must be taken. We recommend that you can test an inconspicuous spot first before trying it on the main area. Please give us a call at 800.365.6171 or email us at if you have any additional questions!

  • Mike Sullivan

    Can soot from a fire be cleaned from turf the same way or are there other alternatives? Also, after vacuuming do you have to replaced the rubber granules?

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Mike,
      If this is infill turf with rubber infill, we would remove the rubber granules first, then clean the soot off the turf. The rubber infill will also need to be washed and dried and then reinstalled. Hopefully, this helps!

  • Maximo Siems

    If you are looking at purchasing synthetic grass, the larger your yard, the more you will pay. Installation is an involved process that involves clearing the most realistic fake grass Florida and vegetation, distributing and flattening a crushed rock base, installing and adhering the synthetic grass, and placing and integrating the sand and rubber infill.

  • Tanner Stallings

    We are looking at recycling some old field turf in our indoor weight room. Our weight room currently has roll in rubber flooring in it and wanted to know your thoughts on installing the turf on the rubber flooring as we have been using it on a concrete surface previously and wanted to know if it would be possible to apply it on top of the rubber flooring.

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Tanner, we’d love to help. I recommend calling us at 800-365-6171 and peaking directly with a sales representative who will be able to answer all your questions and suggest the best options for you. You can also e-mail a sales rep at We look forward to hearing from you.

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Joe. We don’t have a specific brand in mind, but I recommend you call us at 800-365-6171 to speak directly with a sales representative that can walk you through the cleaning process and suggest the best options for you. You can also e-mail a sales rep at We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sasha Fagan


    Im looking to install some turf on an upstairs area of my bar.
    The area is around 3000 square foot with no drainage but good ventilation it will have a high level of foot traffic and people eating and drinking, the current floor surface is tile I’m just wandering what would be the best turf to use to have ease of maintenance and cleaning and what methods you would recommend to clean it?

    would using a industrial vac be enough?
    if we hose the turf and then vac would that get rid of all the moisture and avoid smell/mold?

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • Matthew Baker

    What’s the best way/process to clean an indoor gym space from sweat and germs? I did notice another similar question, but was hoping for a more in depth answer. Thanks!

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Matthew, thank you for reaching out. I am going to connect you with our strength and conditioning facility experts who will be able to give an in-depth answer. He will be contacting you shortly!

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