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Facility Feature: Great Lakes Baseball Academy, Minnesota

Brian Bambenek worked as a public-school teacher and baseball coach for five years before he decided to pursue coaching in the private sector. In 2015, he created the Great Lakes Baseball Academy (GLBA), an organization that is now made up of 220 athletes and he has been an On Deck Sports customer ever since.

After utilizing On Deck Sports to outfit GLBA’s first facility, Bambenek knew exactly who to turn to for the second facility’s location in Woodbury, MN. He connected with Facility Coordinator, Mike Kalell, and appreciates the relationship they have built with one another. “Mike always points me in the right direction and gives great advice that I fully trust,” says Bambenek.

GLBA’s first facility location
Batting cage in GLBA’s first facility location

Speaking on the planning process, Bambenek compliments Kalell again, explaining, “Mike did all the heavy lifting getting me the right products for my space. I didn’t even have to think because he took the ball and ran with it, telling me what I need, what I should have, and what I may want to have. It’s refreshing to know I am talking with experts, and not have them try to upsell me on everything. I really appreciated that.”

GLBA is a 15,000 sq.ft. facility that includes shell netting along its perimeter and 9 retractable dividers that can be used to create up to 10 full sized batting cages. Bambenek can also easily retract the dividers, which creates open space that is perfect for defensive work.

GLBA’s second facility location

Bambenek wanted his athletes to also work on their general athletic skills, so he got durable red and gray fleck rubber flooring from On Deck Sports for a strength and conditioning section that handles dropped weights and agility work.

Rubber flooring section for strength and conditioning

Bambenek has reported great feedback on the GLBA space, with people commenting that it looks like a Division I facility. He also values the ability to let his athletes train year-round, saying, “Indoor sports facilities are so essential for athletes in the north because it helps to level the playing field against athletes in the south who are outside all year.”

Through GLBA, Bambenek hopes to continue to impact lives on and off the field and is excited to utilize On Deck Sports in the future.

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