Facility Feature: Max Effort Baseball in Farmingdale, NY

Located in the middle of baseball loving Long Island in Farmingdale, NY, the owners of Max Effort Training needed an indoor baseball facility where their staff no longer needed to travel and rent tunnels for all of their training programs.

Max Effort connected with On Deck Sports and their facility expert, Mike Kalell, and went straight to work beginning with a 3D design layout of the future facility.  They were allowed to make numerous adjustments to the 3D design layouts and after further deliberation with Mike and his team, and came up with a great design that would maximize the usage of the space.

3D design layout of Phase 2 (Phase 1 done previously by On Deck Sports)


The Max Effort team ran into a timing challenge during the installation process. They wanted to be air-conditioned and the timing of the AC installation had to line up with On Deck’s installation of turf and netting. They also had a clinic scheduled with a Major League Hitting Coach that couldn’t be postponed. With very specific deadlines to hit, On Deck Sports was able to meet all time frames for Max Effort!


For the netting in the facility, Max Effort wanted the best quality they could get so they upgraded to On Deck Sports’ #42-gauge netting, a slightly thicker and more durable net than the common #36-gauge netting. Max Effort chose On Deck Sports’ very popular shell net system which maximizes the protection of the ceiling and walls and allows for free standing, retractable divider nets. 

They loved the protection provided by the shell net. “Anyone outside of the shell net is completely safe from what is happening inside, and this same protection exists between cages with the retractable dividers.”

As for the turf, they wanted the look and feel of natural grass, did not want to use infill, and wanted it to last long. These factors led them to Elite padded turf, On Deck Sports’ ultimate field turf product.

Elite Padded Turf


Asked about the feedback from customers, the owners mention that people think the facility “is great” and “a lot of different training can be done in all of the tunnels.”  It has been so successful that Max Effort is exploring the opportunity to expand in the very near future.

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