Outdoor Batting Cage Q & A

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying an outdoor batting cage, but at On Deck Sports, we have the right resources and knowledge to help you decide which ones fit best with your needs. We sat down with Baseball & Softball Account Executive, Alex Hurley, to answer some commonly asked outdoor batting cage questions, and help get you started on the process of getting your own!

I want to buy an outdoor cage, but where do I start?

AH: The biggest factor is budget – how much you’re willing to spend will help determine which cage is best for you. You’ll also want to know the size of the ground space you have for your cage, and how many cages you want to have in that space.

Where can I put my batting cage?

AH: You will need to dig into the ground, and we recommend following Dig Safe guidelines before doing so. We also offer ground sleeves that will allow you to take the poles out of the ground if desired.

What size batting cage should I get?

AH: This depends on what exactly you plan to use the cages for. Typically, a baseball batting cage is 70’L and a softball batting cage is 55’L. However, if you only plan on using the cages for soft toss, you may want a shorter one and if you plan on doing a lot of defensive work, you may want a longer one. Your cage size also depends on the size of available space for it. Please note that poles are placed 1-2′ past your desired batting cage size. For example, if you want your cage to be 10’W, the poles will sit at 12’W.

What kind of batting cage is right for me?

AH: Our batting cage frames and nets are designed to withstand heavy use and weather elements. We also have a batting cage solution for all levels of play from youth to professional. Our most common options are…

ProMounds Batting Cage Kit

This cage is a great residential option because it is cost effective and easy to install and take down.

Commercial Batting Cage Kit

Best value option. This cage is easy to install and the shipping cost is low. Popular choice among schools and organizations.

Tuff Frame Elite Batting Cage

This cage comes with a winch system that lets you easily set up and take down the netting without the use of a ladder or manual labor. This cage also has three thick poles on the end that provide durability and eliminates the safety concern of ricocheting balls.

Mastodon Batting Cage

This cage is built for extreme durability. It contains very thick, weather-treated poles on the ends of the cage which eliminates the safety concern of ricocheting balls.

What kind of netting comes with the cage?

AH: You have a choice between Standard Poly netting or Premium Nylon netting. The Standard Poly netting comes in #24-gauge netting, while the Nylon netting comes in #36-gauge, or higher. We recommend Nylon netting for cages that will have heavy foot traffic, such as schools and organizations.

How soon can I get my batting cage?

AH: The general lead time for batting cages is about 2-3 weeks. Please note, the parts to the batting cage may be delivered separately depending on which cage you buy. Your sales representative will inform you of your cage’s exact lead times.

How can I install my cage?

AH: The ProMounds, Commercial, and Tuff Frame Elite Batting Cages can be self-installed, with ground sleeves, and the help of 3-4 people. The ProMounds Batting Cage poles should be dug about 6-8 inches into the ground. The Commercial and Tuff Frame Elite Batting Cage poles should be dug about 3.5 feet into the ground.

ProMounds Batting Cage Installation Instructions

Commercial Batting Cage Installation Instructions

Tuff Frame Elite Batting Cage Installation Instructions

If you are buying a Mastodon Batting Cage, we recommend hiring a professional to install the cage. This is because the poles on these cages are much thicker, and must be dug about 4.5 feet into the ground, with a 2-foot width

Mastodon Batting Cage Installation Instructions

What other factors should I consider?

AH: An important factor to consider is your batting cage’s ground surface. We recommend artificial turf to provide a layer of comfort to players and protect the ground from wear and tear. Our most popular batting cage turf options are…

Batting Cage Turf

Our top choice for batting cage ground cover. A great value option that stays durable through everyday baseball/softball use.

GT34 Unpadded Turf

Our most popular artificial turf option. This turf looks great and holds up to the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

Stadium Turf

Stadium turf is a nylon turf option, making it the most durable option for batting cage turf.

GT48 Unpadded Turf

This artificial turf option is soft, plush, yet durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear.

Ready to get started on your outdoor batting cage project? Give us a call to speak to a representative 800-365-6171.

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