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On Deck Sports Facility Feature: Summit Crossfit

Matching Summit CrossFit with the Perfect Indoor Artificial Turf

Gyms across the country are installing artificial turf for their athletes to train on. From sled pulls to tire flips and other functional training movements – turf in gyms is becoming the biggest trend in gyms, CrossFit gyms and strength & conditioning facilities.

One of these gyms that wanted to add turf to their area was Summit CrossFit in Asheville, NC. Owner Aaron Ledford was looking to use an area in his gym for training, but was unsure of what turf to go with or what could be done on the turf. Ledford worked with Mike Kalell at On Deck Sports to get the right turf down in his gym.

“I called On Deck not knowing much about turf,” Ledford said when discussing the process of putting turf in his gym. “I had some questions and they asked me what applications I would be using it with and they gave me some different recommendations for turf that would hold up to the stress that we put on the turf every day. Turf was a great option because in CrossFit we do a lot of different movements.”

We suggested Stadium padded turf for Summit CrossFit. This is a nylon turf product – the strongest turf fiber on the market. It is different from other turf options such as PM34, which is a polyethylene turf fiber. PM34 is still a very good option, but Stadium will last longer and hold up better to the high-impact movements such as sled pulls, tire flips and plyometric workouts.

“Stadium has such a long life expectancy,” Kalell said when asked why he suggested the turf for Summit. “PM34 is a great product, but it’s made of polyethylene. The nylon stadium is made out of is the strongest fiber you can get. PM34’s fiber will give you four to five years of life, on the low end. Stadium, on the other hand, will get you a life expectancy of eight to 10 years.”

This working knowledge of the product and experience our sales team has allows us to make sure each gym is getting the perfect turf for their area.

“It’s perfect for our athletes,” Ledford said. “They are able to do sled pushes, box jumps, tire flips, anything you need to simulate being on grass and even more. We can even drop weight from our Olympic bar bells on this turf.

“Now that we have it in our CrossFit facility it’s awesome there’s so many applications that we use here in house. We made a great decision with the help of On Deck and we are very happy with our product.”

Check out a quick video inside Summit CrossFit to see how they are putting their turf to use:

Summit CrossFit

21 McArthur Lane Suite A

Asheville, NC 28803




  • Keith Kern

    I’m building an obstacle course training gym, similar to a cross fit style like the Summit Crossfit one you did turf in.
    I’m looking for a quote on 15×60 turf for the same purpose as Summit Crossfit.
    Also rubber matting 30×60 for weight lifting and plyo exercises. I’m looking for the same type of matting you see in a box gym (like 24hr fitness).

    Can you please quote me for the material cost and installation.

    Thank you,

    • OnDeck_Sports

      Hi Keith,
      We can absolutely give you a quote on that. I am sending along your information to one of our Gym Turf & Rubber Flooring experts. Thank you for reading, and good luck with the new gym!

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