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Facility Feature: Barwis Methods, Florida

The requirements for the ideal fitness facility continue to change, and in recent years, the trend towards combining strength and conditioning with sport-specific training has grown. After all, many athletes go to gyms for strength training, so it only makes sense that these gyms offer specific sport training as well. Barwis Methods in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has kept up with this trend by teaming up with On Deck Sports to add new retractable batting cages in their existing fitness facility.

Multi-Purpose Facility

Like most fitness and training facilities, Barwis Methods wanted as much flexibility as possible to accommodate all activities including pitching, hitting, sled pushes and pulls, speed training, and more. In choosing a Black Widow Model E from our line of motorized retractable batting cages, Barwis Methods gained the ability to modify layouts and switch from one activity to another in a matter of minutes.

Layout of Barwis Methods

Customized Solution

Taking safety into account, On Deck Sports customized Barwis Method’s layout to include one 23ft. x 75ft. shell net cage, one 75ft. long divider curtain, and one 37ft. x 10ft. individual batting cage. With this set up, they have the option to utilize 9 different layouts. In addition, the Model E features weighted sleeves on the bottom which prevent the netting from extending outward when hit and keeps balls inside the cage.

Batting Cage Nets Retracted
Batting Cage Nets Ready For Use

The Installation

Every installation is unique, but one thing that remains constant in On Deck Sports’ ability to create custom solution to fit any facility. Barwis was no different, as our Operations team was able to provide customized layouts and make on-site adjustments to successfully complete the project.

23ft. x 75ft. Retractable Shell Net Cage

75ft. Long Retractable Divider Curtain

37ft. x 10ft. Individual Retractable Batting Cage

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