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Outdoor Facility Feature: The Wheeler School, Rhode Island


Old backstop

The Providence, RI Wheeler School baseball field in Seekonk, MA had a small, rusty, and unsafe chain link backstop. Maintenance and Operations Manager, Keith Estey, wanted to make upgrades to the field and address this safety concern. With a long-lasting relationship of buying supplies from On Deck Sports, Estey felt confident when he connected with Regional Sales Manager, Erik Turgeon, for the upgrade.


The old backstop at The Wheeler School was only 16’ high and they were seeing a lot of foul balls go over the backstop, into a nearby road or various spectator areas. With safety being their largest concern, Estey wanted greater coverage from a taller net but also didn’t want to limit the viewing pleasure of spectators. Turgeon showed Estey a few different solutions and they settled on 25’ high powder black poles and a netting system that stretched further up each baseline. By using #36 netting, a standard for baseball, Estey was able to get the safety he needed without affecting people’s enjoyment of the game.  And, taking advantage of further services from On Deck Sports, Estey also added chain-link fencing in front of both dugouts

New backstop

“The new backstop definitely looks better and is much less distracting. The black posts and netting seem to disappear into the background, but still provides the safety needed.”

The Wheeler School is satisfied with the new feature, describing it as a “huge improvement.”


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