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Outdoor Facility Feature: Winthrop Little League, Massachusetts

When Winthrop Little League (WLL) decided to re-brand their logo, they needed a way to let the community know. WLL thought a windscreen covering the outfield fence would be the perfect way to show off their new brand and improve the look of their field.

After going through their windscreen options with ODS Sales Representative, AJ King, the WLL decided on an Armor Mesh windscreen. The Armor Mesh is our premium windscreen option because it has 40% more fabric than our Standard Mesh, making it the most durable option. WLL explains the choice, “All windscreens have similar characteristics, so upgrading to the Armor Mesh knowing it will last longer was a no-brainer decision.”

Armor Mesh Windscreen

The WLL notes that installing the windscreen was faster and easier than they expected. The windscreen was installed with the help of just 3 people, one person to hold the windscreen against the fence, one person to attach the windscreen with zip ties, and one person to make sure the windscreen stays straight.

Windscreen Installation

The WLL parents and community were so impressed with the windscreen, they chose to utilize another one as a bleacher wrap after children were playing underneath the bleachers, causing safety concerns.

Bleacher Windscreen Wrap
Bleacher Windscreen Wrap

The WLL is thrilled with the concept, and the bleacher wrap completely eliminates their safety concerns.

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