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On Deck Sports Facility Feature – Custom Sports Netting for Proformance Sports Academy, Arkansas

Supplying Premium Artificial Turf & Baseball Training Equipment to Proformance Sports Academy

Nobody knows the benefit of elite training facilities more than professional athletes. Baseball players in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area have reaped the benefits of this knowledge thanks to former professional pitcher Dustin Moseley opening Proformance Sports Academy.

Moseley worked with On Deck Sports in 2014 to open a professional-level training facility, and worked with On Deck Sports to do that.

Moseley worked with Justin Gordon at On Deck Sports to open his 10,000-plus square foot facility with artificial turf, batting cages and padding. “I [decided to work with] On Deck Sports because they had everything under one roof to help me easier navigate purchase options and stay within budget,” Mosley said when asked why On Deck Sports was the choice to outfit his baseball facility. “I connected with Justin Gordon who went above and beyond to make sure we accomplished our goals of creating a great facility as well as staying within budget. Justin made great suggestions that help create our vision. We now have the best facility in the state of Arkansas due to the help of Justin and On Deck Sports.”

Gordon decided on a custom shell net batting cage – an On Deck Sports specialty – with six hitting and pitching tunnels. He paired this with Stadium padded turf and custom wall padding for the walls and support posts in the building. “Dustin wanted to go with a durable turf that was easy to clean, making Stadium the easy choice,” Gordon said when asked about the decision to outfit Proformance with Stadium padded artificial turf. He also had a running lane in his gym, and the height of Stadium turf matched that. It is strong enough to stand up to the big numbers that Dustin sees in his facility, so it was really a choice that worked for everyone.”

The shell net batting cage was not just made to fit batting cages, however. Mosley wanted to make sure he could train pitchers in his facility and within the confines of the cage. “We wanted to create a facility that had many options for our athletes that would better help their focus and help them perfect their skills,” Mosley said when asked about his multi-use tunnels. “I believe by having a designated pitching area and hitting area this allows our athletes to accomplish this by giving them room to breathe with adequate space in between training areas. High level focus is needed when learning new skills and mechanics and as instructors we wanted our athletes to be able to accomplish their goals without other players breathing down their necks.”

Inside of the facility, Mosley stocked his athletes with ProMounds Portable Pitching Mounds, Premium Series L-Screens, Iron Mike pitching machines, the Batting Mat Pro, The Designated Hitter and more. These ProMounds training products provide added durability at a great price point according to Gordon. He suggests these products for all high-level baseball and softball facilities, and Moseley agreed with his assessment of the products.

“Everyone has heard the saying ‘If you look good you play good’ – we believe this is true with a training facility like Proformance Sports Academy,” Mosley said when asked about adding all his equipment through On Deck Sports. “If you want to look legit as an indoor facility you have to buy quality products to accomplish this. On Deck Sports has only sent us quality products, and we believe you get what you pay for!”

Since opening in 2014, Moseley and his staff at Proformance have seen a tremendous amount of success training the top baseball players in Arkansas. Both the staff and the athletes train in an elite training facility, and might see more in the future. “Actually, we are working on building a 34,000 square foot facility (three times the size we are now) and we have already started putting our design together,” Mosley said. “Justin Gordon has already helped us get a budget together by giving us detailed product pricing, and tons of ideas so hopefully by the end of the year we will have our new facility open!”

Proformance Sports Academy

1202 Business Park Dr., Ste. 2

Little Rock, AR 72204


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  • Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for mentioning how sports academies can allow for training in different sports such as baseball. I like how you said that they can shape people into pro athletes! My husband and I are considering sports training academies for our son to practice baseball at. Practice makes perfect!

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